DIY fall wedding invitations are personal and special; you can make a scrapbook collage themed wedding invite easily. These simple DIY invitations are easy and very pretty. This article will provide you with detailed instructions for creating several scrapbook collages themed DIY fall wedding invitations.

Remember it is important to fill out the necessary information before adding the details. Using a printer and word program fulfills this purpose. You can also handwrite or hire a calligrapher for this step.

Scrapbook paper collages make simple and sweet wedding invitations. Many colors, patterns, and textures can be developed using this method. For this fall DIY wedding invitation, you will need glue, scrapbook paper, a pencil, and a penknife. Start by choosing a pattern you would like to portray on your fall wedding invitations. A tree silhouette, fall themed fruit, vegetables, and flowers, or autumn colored leaves are all good ideas for this DIY wedding invitation.

To create a tree silhouette, start by using the pencil to create a trunk about the width of your thumb. This is done by creating to almost parallel lines that taper in at the top. Then develop tree branches by creating Y shaped lines coming out of the top of the trunk. Smaller Y shapes will add more detail and depth to the branches.

To create pear shape from scrapbook paper, draw a teardrop shape, but at two rounded edges to the bottom. Then cut a small stem for the pear.

A pumpkin is easily made by drawing a circle. Then add a few rounded bumps to the top and bottom in a coordinated fashion. This will add sections to your pumpkin. Create a stem by drawing a rectangle that fans out into a rounded bottom.

Apples are easily made by drawing a circle and adding two bumps to the top like a heart. Then add three smaller bumps to the bottom. Cut a diamond shape leaf and a curved rectangle stem from another piece of paper to complete the apple.

Use the pen knife to cut each image out of the scrapbook paper. A little water can be added to glue to make it a more even coat. Using a paintbrush also adds to the completion of this DIY wedding invitation.

Creating fall themed wedding invitations is a great idea for your DIY wedding. Scrapbook collages are easy and elegant. They can create a variety of effects depending on the image and paper chosen. Try these fall DIY wedding invites for your big day.

How We Do Fall Invitations DIY style!

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