Hello friends! Happy March! March (to us) marks the long-awaited beginning of Spring. We can’t wait for the warm weather and the blossoming flowers!

We are also going to share monthly tips/advice regarding wedding stationery! This may be etiquette advice or timeline advice — really anything regarding the wedding stationery processor design!

Contour flower.

This month, we want to share unique design mediums that can be incorporated into your wedding invitation suite or wedding day-of stationery.

Oil Pastel – This medium is a soft crayon-like stick that can be used as a drawing device. Oil pastels are made up of non-drying oil and wax binder. This medium creates a beautiful powder texture that adds a hand-drawn detail to your custom stationery artwork. Oil pastels are great for creating patterns.

Watercolor – Watercolor is a painting method where the paint is suspended in a water-based solution. Watercolor creates a very translucent look. Watercolor has become wildly popular for wedding invitation designs over the last few years. Watercolor is often used for custom illustrations — foliage, florals, borders, textures, etc.

Gouache – Gouache is an opaque watercolor medium. This medium is very similar to watercolor but slightly different. While watercolor shows through to the paper stock, gouache offers a more opaque look. Gouache is also often used for custom illustrations — foliage, florals, borders, textures, etc.

Are you interested in incorporating one of these mediums into your wedding stationery? Contact us! We’d love to hear your thoughts and get a custom quote started for you.

We’ll be sharing more tips/advice over the coming months (including unique design mediums).

Contour Flowers & Wedding Stationery

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