Hello friends! Happy April! This month we’re blogging about a very common printing process — digital (or flat) printing! Digital printing is a very economical production for your wedding stationery (or personal stationery).

Painted Foliage.

Digital printers pull imagery directly from your computer (unlike other printers that require plates to be made). This type of production can be done in low quantities and it can be produced fairly quickly. Another perk of this production is that the amount of colors you choose does not change the cost. With other printing processes (like letterpress or engraving), the cost increases depending on how many inks are incorporated. A downfall to this production is that you can lose some of the finer details.

Common printers include inkjet and laser printers. A digital printer typically deposits a toner (or another pigment) to create the image onto the paper. In many instances, the ink does not absorb into the paper but forms a thin layer onto the surface. Similar to offset printing, the final product has a smooth finish. If you run your hand over the stock, you will not feel any fluctuations in depth or height (unlike engraving or letterpress).

The photo above is an example of one of our recent digital invitation suites! You can see the smooth finish. A great way to heighten the look/feel of your digital stationery piece is to print it on a nice paper sheet. The suite above uses a cotton sheet, which absorbs the ink a little better and gives it a very sophisticated look.

Be on the lookout for future blog posts on other printing processes. In the coming months, we’ll discuss thermography, engraving and letterpress processes!

Painted Foliage & Digital Printing

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